Schedule for September 26

                                          7:30 a.m. - Prayer Time

                                          8:30 a.m. - Morning Worship-Lord's Supper Observance

                                          9:40 a.m. - Sunday School

                                          11 a.m. - Morning Worship-Lord's Supper Observance (Childcare Birth-3)

                                          5 p.m. - Time of Prayer (Orr Hall); Proskuneo (Student Choir)

                                          6 p.m. - Adult & Student D Groups; 

                                                        Kids on Mission; Childcare Birth 3

Church Resources

First Baptist Church provides great resources to keep our people safe and to assist in spiritual development. Below are a few of those resources. Click on any image to be redirected to the resource's web page.

  • devohub

    DevoHub is an online hub for a wide range of church devotionals. This LifeWay-owned app will encourage daily devotional habits and can be used as an outreach to guests. Come to First Baptist and follow the easy steps on the app to get started.

  • The Baptist press

    Baptist Press (BP) is the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Baptist Press is responsible for providing regular news releases about Southern Baptists, serving as the Convention's press representative, and coordinating news operations for annual meetings of the Southern Baptist Convention. Baptist Press provides news service to the 42 state Baptist papers.

  • Protect my ministry

    Protect My Ministry is the background check provider that FBC Paris uses to vet all volunteers who work with children and students. Used by many churches across the United States, Protect My Ministry is a trusted source for background checks.

  • Fasting & Prayer Guide

    This guide is a call to fasting and prayer during this fall season. Please click the link to the left of this description to download the guide.

  • RightNow Media

    Please click the image to the left to be redirected to Rightnow Media registration.

Location & Directions